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Federal Heavyweight TSS

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Go West, Young Man . . . Call Softly . . . and Carry the Right Loads – Federal Heavyweight TSS

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On his third trip northwest from Abilene, Texas, determined cattleman Birch Lobban loaded his family by wagon, trailing his herd across the nation with Manifest Destiny in mind....

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Gould’s Wild Turkey

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Gould’s Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo mexicana) – A Wild Turkey Profile

Featured, Turkey Hunting Articles, Wild Turkey Species Profiles| Views: 685

The Story of America’s Largest and Rarest Turkey Subspecies The Gould’s turkey (Meleagris gallopavo mexicana) is one of the few wild turkey subspecies that survive in the arid...

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Turkey Breeding

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Turkey Breeding – A Look into the Rituals of Spring

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A spring morning at daybreak is what we turkey hunters live for. The sun begins to show hints of orange and yellow in the eastern sky and seems to take an eternity to rise. The...

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Mentoring in Turkey Hunting

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A Deeper Look at Mentoring in Turkey Hunting

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It’s more than just taking someone on a turkey hunt. If there is one form of hunting where a mentor can make the difference between someone becoming a hunter or not, turkey...

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Fred Bird

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New Englander – A Morning Thunder Original Film

A Morning Thunder Original Film, Featured, Turkey Hunting Videos| Views: 1039

Fred Bird, the New England Regional Director of the National Wild Turkey Federation, is featured in this story set against the backdrop of a New Hampshire turkey hunt in...

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Midday Turkey Hunt

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Tips for a Successful Midday Turkey Hunt

Turkey Hunting Articles, Turkey Hunting Tactics| Views: 6506

Midday gobblers can provide a completely different style of hunt. These birds have moved away from the roost and shifted their focus to feeding, presenting a worthy challenge....

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Archery Hunting Turkeys

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Trials and Tribulations of Archery Hunting Turkeys

Featured, Turkey Hunting Articles, Turkey Hunting Tactics| Views: 3135

Every spring in the fading weeks of March, I make it a point to re-read the book of all turkey hunting books, Tom Kelly’s “Tenth Legion.” If you are reading my amateur...

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Big Woods Turkeys

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Changing Pace from Field Birds to Big Woods Turkeys

Turkey Hunting Articles, Turkey Hunting Tactics| Views: 7627

Field birds vs. big woods turkeys. There are significant differences between field birds and what I call big woods turkeys. We all drive by field birds in early spring and glass...

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